There are many hair removal techniques but most of them are time-consuming and inconvenient. Waxing and shaving every few weeks is a daunting task and hence, laser hair removal is the most preferred hair removal technique. The laser hair removal is a safe procedure and has no side-effects on the skin. However, make sure you go to a certified laser removal centre for the same. A non-invasive method, laser hair removal causes no or minimal discomfort. See to it that your skin is well-prepared for the procedure. Most people assume laser hair removal is only for the hands and legs but this technique is safe for other areas too. The result of the laser hair removal procedure depends on the hair type and skin too. Every individual experience different after-effects of the procedure. Laser hair removal in Melbourne is the best way to be beach ready always! Here are some basic questions everyone has about laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal a permanent solution?

Most hair removal techniques need to be repeated but laser hair removal is a long-lasting solution to get rid of unwanted hair. Though the effect of laser hair removal stays for a long time, it also depends on the hair growth. In most cases, individuals find themselves completely hair-free!

Does the procedure need any after-care?

Like other procedures, even laser hair removal needs proper after-care. The longevity of the procedure also depends on the after-care. Your skin is bound to get over-sensitive after the procedure and hence, it is best to stay away from direct sunlight. Additionally, check with the practitioner before applying any skin products too.

Does laser hair removal require any preparation?

It is best to avoid waxing and shaving before laser hair removal. Additionally, refrain from fake tanning procedures before laser hair removal. Make sure to consult your practitioner a few days before the procedure.

Go for laser hair removal in Melbourne and get rid of all the unwanted hair.


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