August 30, 2019
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Basic Questions Everyone Has About Skin Pigmentation

The increase in melanin causes the skin to darken which is termed as skin pigmentation. Most of us wish to have flawless skin without any dark spots and age spots but because of sun exposure, hormonal changes, ageing, etc. the skin witnesses discolouration. These days skin clinics offer several treatments for skin pigmentation. The laser treatment for skin pigmentation is the most effective because it rejuvenates the skin giving it a natural glow and even tone. It should be noted that not everyone requires the same treatment procedure for skin pigmentation. Before going ahead with the treatment, the cause of the pigmentation is examined along with the severity of the condition. In some people, the pigmentation occurs in large patches whereas in some it is more like tiny brown freckles. The treatment procedure also depends on the patient’s skin composition. Certain preventive measures can also help protect the skin from hyper-pigmentation like using a sunblock at all times, applying anti-inflammatory skin products, healthy food intake, etc. Here are some basic questions everyone has about skin pigmentation.

What is the cause of skin pigmentation?

There are many causes of skin pigmentation. Sometimes even a combination of factors can lead to this condition. Some common causes are sun damage, genetic conditions, hormonal imbalance and ageing. In simple terms, when the melanin in the skin accumulates it leads to discolouration.

How to identify the onset of skin pigmentation?

It is quite easy to identify the onset of this condition. Simple signs like uneven skin tone, dull skin, dark spots and scars, etc. can mean pigmentation. Moreover, if you feel your skin looks tired all the time and is showing early signs of ageing then it may be a sign of skin pigmentation.

What are the treatment options for this skin problem?

Skin pigmentation can be treated with the help of laser technique. Laser treatment is one of the most popular ways to treat skin pigmentation because it gives quick results. Additionally, skin brightening treatments are also used for this condition.

Consult an experienced skin specialist as soon as you notice signs of skin pigmentation. 

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