Blepharoplasty is claimed as one of the most ordinary cosmetic facial procedures, carried out to enhance the eye area appearance. People mostly take blepharoplasty surgery in order to make their eyes appear less tired or to enhance their symmetry. Being aware as in what to anticipate after the process is much more crucial and can turn the process less prodigious.

Blepharoplasty Recovery


It might appear a bit scary, but after you wake up from your blepharoplasty surgery, the first and foremost thing you’re likely to witness is that your vision is blurry. No need to be anxious and this truly doesn’t mean that the surgery has been unsuccessful. It is rather a thick anti-biotic ointment which is applied to the eye area to stop the surface area from turning dry. This must be used for at least a week post-surgery, four times a day, inside of the eye as well as the wounds.

In order to prevent the eye from turning dry, artificial tear drops are prescribed. For about 24-48 hours after the surgery, ice packs must be used and patients must sleep in a sitting position, with the help of some pillows to minimize the swelling by stopping fluid from accruing.

It’s recommended to avert certain energetic activities, like heavy lifting or exercising for minimum 7 days into the blepharoplasty retrieval period.

Are there any bruises?

Moderate amount of swelling and bruising is very normal, although the seriousness of it will vary expressively from one person to another. This should lower down within 1-2 weeks if you have had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, at the same time an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty consumes about 2-4 weeks.  After this stage, it’s actually not at all visible that surgery recently took place.

Will I be in pain?

This is extremely painless procedure and blepharoplasty recovery is actually very easy. Any sort of pain following surgery will be basically trivial and is manageable with the help of proper painkillers. These should be prescribed to you immediately after the procedure.

Will I need more surgeries following?

Ageing is a factor that will still happen whether you like it or not and though results of blepharoplasty last for numerous years, baggy and bulging of the eyelids will still happen as the time passes. Due to lot of cosmetic processes, more than one procedure might be necessary so as to reach the patient’s desired result.

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