A tummy tuck is the most common cosmetic procedure. In this procedure, the flabby skin in the abdomen area is reshaped. The tummy tuck procedure is simple but needs focused aftercare. In cases where exercise and diet do not work, a tummy tuck is the most effective. This cosmetic procedure is suitable for both men and women. The tummy tuck procedure involves the consideration of several factors like age, body weight, health history, ongoing health issues, etc. The success of a tummy tuck procedure depends a lot on the recovery too. Some of the main reasons why people opt for a tummy tuck are skin ageing, sudden weight loss and post-pregnancy weight. The candidate for a tummy tuck should be in a healthy state and must have no serious ongoing health issues. Simple things before the tummy tuck procedure can also help in getting desired results like increasing water intake, maintaining a healthy diet, etc. Here are some basic things to know about tummy tuck recovery.

Don’t stress the body with physical activity

It is best to relax and take rest after the tummy tuck procedure. Fatigue and bruising are normal after tummy tuck and to reduce the after-effects it is necessary to rest and keep your body relaxed. Make sure your body is not involved in any rigorous physical activity during the recovery phase. Keep walking to the minimum!

Keep a check on what you eat

Diet is not just important for weight but the food you consume can also influence the healing process. Some food items can aggravate the bruising and swelling in the abdomen while some can speed up the healing process. Avoid dairy products, processed foods, carbonated drinks, etc.

Wear compression garments after consulting your surgeon

A few weeks after the procedure there is bound to be swelling in the abdomen. Most surgeons prescribe compression garments after a tummy tuck. Compression garments can help a lot in reducing swelling and reshaping process.

Make sure you arrange for a helping hand before the tummy tuck procedure.

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There is one question that is always associated with Yoga and that is, does it help in getting rid of few kilos or pounds? Well, Yoga absolutely plays a chief role in toning up your body and cut out that extra fat that bothers you. The connection between power yoga and weight loss will not come as a surprise rather a fact because power yoga is similar to the cardiovascular exercises. It seems almost like a miracle that the age-old practice of yoga has a solution to every problem. If you have been looking for ways to lose weight then do not think that the hard way of the gym is the only option left for you, take the easy and the most health-beneficial way out.

First of all, fill your knowledge about what exactly is power yoga. Power yoga is the Vinyasa Practice which is a completely fitness-oriented workout. The power yoga has roots in Ashtanga Branch of Yoga, which shares the common benefits and qualities. When you practice the power yoga, your body builds heat internally thereby, strengthening and increasing your stamina. With regular practice in the art of power yoga, your body attunes to the pace with which you should carry your exercises which make you strong, relaxed, as well as flexible.

The power yoga can be seen as the great fusion of the ancient values of yoga mixed with the need for the generation, i.e. fitness and reduction in weight. This type of yoga meets the needs of all those people who think that sweating is the way to losing weight and to agree that they had an excellent workout.

Benefits that you attain from power yoga:

The advantages that you will derive from power yoga include that of the traditional yoga and much more. Some of them are:

  • It proves to be a big time help in burning the ideal amount of calories.
  • It builds the stamina, strength, and flexibility and also tones the core area and the entire body.
  • It gives the metabolism the boost that it needs.
  • Your focusing power is enhanced.
  • It reduces all the tension and the stress that you take thereby, making you more calm and relaxed.
  • The muscles that are inactive do not escape from being flexible, toned, and strong.

Yoga is the highly recommended form of workout because what it does to your body is the strength and power that no other form of exercise can master. Power yoga takes days but the positive that you will benefit from both in and out of the body will prove it to be the best choice for health care and weight loss that you ever made.

So, resort to power yoga for the reduction in weight, mix it with your regular cardio and practice it in any form that you want and trust it to work wonders for you!

Hair is no more the reflection of manliness. Gone are those days when the stronger gender would boast of body hair. The metro-sexual era belongs to the man who can keep himself clean and hair free. One of the best ways to clean body hair is to opt for a waxing session. If you live in St. Kilda, waxing sessions in Prahran can be we what you are looking for.

Solutions for Waxing

When men think of waxing, they must remember that male hair is stronger than female hair, therefore, difficult to remove. You may start bleeding, if you straight away apply hot wax on your skin. An easy solution out of this problem is to apply hair removal cream the first time, so that when your hair re-grows the next time, you can happily wax it out.

Another way to reduce the extreme pain that you are going to face on your first waxing session is to cut the hair small and make the pain less excruciating. The fact is; the pain always remains the same whether you do it the first time or the nth time. But, your tolerance increases and so does your craving for a clean body.

Hot wax is applied by waxing experts who are well-learned in this field and have a good idea about the best ways to get the work done, with the minimum pain. A strip of paper, specially meant for waxing is dipped into melted wax and stuck to your skin. It is then pressed to the applied area, so that there is no empty space between the paper and your skin. When you go to a waxing specialist in Prahran, he or she will tell you that it is important to make sure that there is no space left between your skin and the paper to hurt when he or she pulls the paper.

After the wax dries up, it is time to pull the paper and the hair along with it. Now is the time you may keep your teeth clenched or your eyes closed in expectation of the pain that you are going to encounter like a salvo of arrows. Another important thing to keep in mind is that some of you may grow rashes post waxing. It is suggested that you apply ice or some kind of lotion to reduce the pain.

Fear not brave man! This is just a one-time experience as the pain you feel on the next session will be lesser as you will already be expecting it.

Waxing is not just a fad among the celebrities; it is also a growing practice among the common people. If you want to impress the world, it is time you opt for a waxing session, with an experienced and trained expert. A novice might not be aware of the instant side-effects of the process and may not take the necessary precautions.

Got your lesson on waxing services in Prahran? So, what are you waiting for? Just get the session done and enjoy!