People go to any extent for healthy skin. Be it using anti-ageing products or sticking to a regular skincare routine, we do a lot for our skin and its texture. Skin pigmentation is one of the most common skin disorder. The colour of the skin depends on pigmentation. There are several factors which can have an effect on pigmentation. The excess production of melanin leads to hyperpigmentation. This causes darkening of the skin. There are several factors which contribute to the onset of this disorder. Some causes of skin pigmentation are sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, ageing, etc. To treat this condition, it is necessary to know about its cause. One of the first signs of skin pigmentation is the presence of dark patches on the skin. Regular skin checkups can help prevent and treat the condition quickly. Moreover, using a sunblock on a regular basis can also prove to be very helpful. The most effective treatment for skin pigmentation is laser treatment. The laser treatment procedure is simple and result-oriented. Here are some common myths about skin pigmentation and the facts behind them.

Skin pigmentation has no complete cure

To treat hyperpigmentation, it is essential to detect the condition at the earliest. Once the condition worsens, it becomes difficult to control the discolouration of the skin. These days laser treatments can cure the condition effectively. Make sure you follow a strict skincare regime after the treatment procedure too.

Scrubbing can help you get rid of hyperpigmentation

People generally think scrubbing can treat hyperpigmentation. It is necessary to note that scrubbing can aggravate the condition and worsen it even more. Instead of relying on different facial scrubs, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Genes are to be blamed for this condition

Many factors contribute to the onset of this condition. Though this condition can be genetic, sun exposure, pollutants and unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to hyperpigmentation.

Consult a reliable dermatologist for skin pigmentation and treat the condition effectively.



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