A well-balanced diet can help you to get fibers and calories you need to electrify your day-to-day activities and counting regular exercise.  When we talk about consuming food to energize our exercise performance, it’s not easy to choose fruits and vegetables over doughnuts. It’s essential to have the right amount of food at the right time of the day.

Start your day with a good meal

As stated in an article published in Harvard Health Letter, the first meal of the day is very important. Eating breakfast routinely is related to lower risk of acidity, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Starting your day with healthy breakfast will always power up your brain and muscles.

Feeding on healthy breakfast is imperative on the day when you have exercise on your agenda. Choosing the right type of breakfast is all-important as many people only rely on carbohydrates. But remember, a bagel or doughnut will not keep you full for the whole day. In comparison, picking up minerals- and protein- rich breakfast will help to keep a check on your hunger pangs.

  • Always prefer multi-grained bread and pair it with peanut butter, egg and other sources of protein
  • Choose oatmeal or whole-grain cereals which are rich in fibers over sugar-laden grains.

Depend on right carbohydrates

As per the Mayo clinic, almost 45 to 65 percent of our daily calories should be accessible from carbohydrates and this is true if you exercise vigorously. Choosing upon the right carbohydrate is a vital step. Many people rely on simple carbs that come from processed foods. Instead, a person should consume complex carbs that are found in vegetable, fruits and whole grains which will help your body to keep running throughout the day.

Boost your protein intake

Protein is highly essential to keep your body repaired, maintained and growing. You can relish the advantages of your workout by eating the proper amount of protein which will help to repair and build your muscles. Limit the consumption of processed meat and rely on poultry, eggs, legumes, fish etc.

Pack your fruits and vegetables for snacks

Fruits and vegetables are a highly rich source of Vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins which are essential to keep your body function properly. Make it a habit to keep raw veggies and dry fruits in your workout bag.

Pre-workout snacks

When it comes to fuel up your body before exercise is important to reach the right balance of minerals and proteins that will make you feel vitalize than junk foods.  Stock you bag with some hand-pick snacks like-Bananas, Nuts, Berries, etc which help you to stay hydrated.

As you start your day towards an active lifestyle, you will discover which food gives you the most positive energy and which leaves you with a negative effect. The aim is to listen to your body and balancing with what feels right.


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