Brushing the teeth regularly twice a day is a habit that parents would invariably teach their children. You are quite familiar with advertisements of the toothpastes and the toothbrushes that play a pivotal role in your dental health. In the past few decades, the awareness among people regarding dental health has increased considerably. As expected, the profession of a dentist is also improving and, thus, more and more people are taking interest in studying dentistry. Keilor has also seen the emergence of new dental clinics in the recent past.

The Role of Dentists

The role of a dentist in taking care of your teeth is not to be ignored. This care includes gum care and any other diseases that might be giving you a tough time. After inspecting the condition of the teeth and mouth, dentists suggest and instruct their patients about the types of food that the latter must have and the types of food they should refrain from. Few specific and quite common types of treatments that a dental surgeon or dentist carries out are:

  • Fill in the cavities of the teeth , thereby, checking tooth decay
  • Removal of teeth
  • Prescribing antibiotics to the patients as per the diagnosis of the disease
  • Apply anaesthetics to patients before removal of tooth or give painkillers to patients suffering from excess pain in gum
  • Apply whitening agents on teeth
  • Examine the x-ray plates of the patients’ teeth to find out the position of a decaying teeth or a jaw for operation

The dentists at the dental care clinics in Keilor look into all the above aspects of dentistry.

Speciality Services of Dentists

  • Dental public health specialists– These dentists ensure good dental health and aim at preventing dental diseases.
  • Maxillofacial surgeons Surgeons who operate on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, neck and head are called by this name.
  • EndodontistsThe dentists specialising in root-canal therapy, thereby, removing the nerves and blood supply from injured or infected teeth are known as endodontists.
  • Orthodontists– They are helpful to patients who want to straighten the arrangement of teeth. It is done by applying pressure to the teeth with braces.
  • Oral pathologists – Dentist who diagnose ulcers, oral diseases and even cancer caused inside the mouth, are called by this name.
  • Periodontists– They specialise in curing the gums and bone supporting the teeth.
  • Prosthodontists – The job of this specialist is to replace missing teeth with permanent fillers like, crowns and bridges, or with removable fillers like, dentures.
  • Pediatric dentists – These specialists cater to the dentistry for children and the acute needs of special patients.

The suburb of Keilor has developed over the years. People living here have also increased their level of consciousness towards health issues that include dental health as well. Dentists find the number of patients increasing day by day. Irrespective of whatever treatment to be sought after, brushing teeth twice a day still remains mandatory.


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