The most common dermal filler that is generally used is known as hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a molecule that can be found naturally in the connective tissues, also encompassing half of the body HA in the skin. It is the loss of this particular molecule that is believed to be the reason responsible for the visible signs of aging in the human body. Since HA consists of thousands of weight of itself in water, this makes it an ultra-hydrating molecule, which humans produce less as they age. This leads to the drying out of the tissues of the skin.

The dermal fillers have their own complication, which every substance does when it is injected in the body; it causes reactions and effects that are both purposeful and sometimes unwanted. The unwanted effects can be the bruising of the skin or swelling of the injected site, the minimization or elimination of these effects is the job of the experienced and skilled injector. However, the side-effects that you must expect are:

  • Swelling caused by dermal injections: Swelling is one of the most general side-effects that a patient faces after dermal fillers. However, each HA product may work differently on the basis of the skin of the person. The swelling part is not permanent rather it is temporary. The duration of the swelling may last up to two weeks, so if you have a special event to attend then it will be wise to clear it up with your dermal filler consultants.
  • Bruising caused due to dermal fillers: The bruising can occur due to the multiple injection sites. The needles cause more bruising as compared to those of the cannulas, which is now becoming more of a preferred method chosen by the patients. Though cannulas cannot deliver result to the top layer of the skin which the dermis, therefore, you must prefer the needle to avoid repetitive and half treatment. Bruising caused is typically minimal or non-existent and vanishes quickly.
  • Lumps caused due to dermal fillers: It is from any dermal filler products that the lumps can occur, however, when the HA often causes lumps then the product can be instantly resolved by employing the use of an enzyme, namely hyaluronidase. The non-HA fillers cannot be mended and saline might need to be injected in order to soften the lumps.

Are HA dermal fillers an appropriate choice for you?

Making a decision about dermal filler injection will be a conversation that you are bound to have with your dermatologist after he or she has examined your skin thoroughly. The best option will be to hire the dermatologist who has had years of practice in this field so as to get optimal results.

Other treatments that successfully complement dermal filler injections are microdermabrasion, anti-wrinkle injections, and much more skin surface treatments.

The easiest way to look young and fresh is right in front of you, you only need to make up your mind!

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