The dermal filling has been used by hordes of people wanting to reduce signs of ageing. However, the short span of time it stays for isn’t enough or feasible for most. With the fillers consisting of enzymes that occur naturally, the results tend to wear off quickly. Here are some ways you can ensure the longevity of dermal filling the next time you get one:

Minimise exposure to UV lights

A common cause of skin damage is increased exposure to UV lights. Ensuring that you wear sunscreen every time you leave home is essential to minimise your skin’s exposure to these harmful rays. Reducing your time outside in the sun or ensuring maximum protection from the sun can help best maintain the results of your dermal filling treatment.

Keep up with a good skincare routine

You may have gotten the best available treatment for dermal fillers in Melbourne but that can hardly excuse you from the chore of maintaining your skin quality. Keeping up with a healthy skincare routine by staying hydrated and moisturising your skin daily is essential to maintain the outcome of the treatment you have undergone.

Keep stressful thoughts at bay

Stress is one of the most crucial reasons for accelerating the ageing process. The signs of ageing are more prominent among people who lead stressful lives. While getting a dermal filling procedure can help reduce these signs notably, constant stress can undo the treatment faster than you can blink. The best way would be for you to keep stressful thoughts at bay as much as possible. You can also try methods that help keep stress in check.

Go for regular touch-ups

Everyone who has ever undergone dermal filler treatment knows that the effects are likely to wear off after a certain period of time. One way to ensure that the effects of dermal filling stay for long is to go for regular touch-ups that would ultimately ensure that you look youthful and radiant for a much longer time. In certain cases, these regular touch-ups can help train your muscles to respond better to the filler.

If you have experienced, heard, read, or seen the effects wearing off sooner than needed, now you know what you can do differently to keep the results maintained for the longest time. 



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