Life turns into a sad story when Acne breakouts make you completely heartbroken. Sometimes their timings are so wrong in your life that you feel frustrated. Imagine it’s your birthday tomorrow and you are all set for celebrating the day in a grand way…. But Oh No the acne is back again and just on the same spot like before. You are devastated and finding no meaning of welcoming your friends in the party.

Dear Friend, we understand your pain and if you are chocolate lover then we have some good news for you. Yes, you can use chocolate for acne treatment and especially we are talking about cocoa, which are the main ingredients for tasty chocolates. Many like you are still not aware that Cocoa is power packed with good amount of antioxidants. You heard it right it’s Cocoa. If you check the price of cocoa processed correctly it will appear to as expensive at the very first chance. But wait! Sum up the amount you spend still date for acne treatment in Melbourne, skin care ointments and don’t forget to add your dermatologist’s fees. Which one is expensive? We are sure the 2nd and no confusion in that.

Go and grab some amount of pure cocoa which is processed in the right way. There is one recipe which you need to make for applying on your skin. Cocoa will treat your acne in a complete magical way with some addition of other natural ingredients like oatmeal for its excellent anti-inflammatory and moisturizing quality, Lemon juice for anti-bacterial feature, few drops of honey and lactic acid from heavy cream.

Mix 1/3 cup cocoa powder with ΒΌ cup of honey. Now add 2 tea spoon heavy cream and 3 tea spoon of powdered oatmeal. Mix it up continuously till it turns into a consistent creamy paste. Apply the same evenly on your face. Now you need to massage your skin in a gentle way to allow oatmeal help the skin in exfoliating the layer of cells which are dead. After 5 minutes leave it and allow 15 to 20 minutes resting period. Now wash your face with lukewarm water. You will start getting an acne free skin not the only application of this mask, but you need to add it in your food too.

You can add some spoons of cocoa powdered carefully processed either in your morning milk or even in your favourite smoothie. If you are in love with coffee then you can easily replace that with cocoa powder, just as you will get an authentic taste of cocoa in your coffee.

The time to feel shy because of an acne prone skin with dark spots is over now. Be confident and feel confident in life with the introduction of cocoa powder in your everyday life. You can get a beautiful, youthful look just with adding of spice in your life with cocoa.

Let your skin breath the essence of chocolaty cocoa to get a blessed acne free skin. Many beauty specialists are also recommending this acne treatment in Melbourne


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