Hair is no more the reflection of manliness. Gone are those days when the stronger gender would boast of body hair. The metro-sexual era belongs to the man who can keep himself clean and hair free. One of the best ways to clean body hair is to opt for a waxing session. If you live in St. Kilda, waxing sessions in Prahran can be we what you are looking for.

Solutions for Waxing

When men think of waxing, they must remember that male hair is stronger than female hair, therefore, difficult to remove. You may start bleeding, if you straight away apply hot wax on your skin. An easy solution out of this problem is to apply hair removal cream the first time, so that when your hair re-grows the next time, you can happily wax it out.

Another way to reduce the extreme pain that you are going to face on your first waxing session is to cut the hair small and make the pain less excruciating. The fact is; the pain always remains the same whether you do it the first time or the nth time. But, your tolerance increases and so does your craving for a clean body.

Hot wax is applied by waxing experts who are well-learned in this field and have a good idea about the best ways to get the work done, with the minimum pain. A strip of paper, specially meant for waxing is dipped into melted wax and stuck to your skin. It is then pressed to the applied area, so that there is no empty space between the paper and your skin. When you go to a waxing specialist in Prahran, he or she will tell you that it is important to make sure that there is no space left between your skin and the paper to hurt when he or she pulls the paper.

After the wax dries up, it is time to pull the paper and the hair along with it. Now is the time you may keep your teeth clenched or your eyes closed in expectation of the pain that you are going to encounter like a salvo of arrows. Another important thing to keep in mind is that some of you may grow rashes post waxing. It is suggested that you apply ice or some kind of lotion to reduce the pain.

Fear not brave man! This is just a one-time experience as the pain you feel on the next session will be lesser as you will already be expecting it.

Waxing is not just a fad among the celebrities; it is also a growing practice among the common people. If you want to impress the world, it is time you opt for a waxing session, with an experienced and trained expert. A novice might not be aware of the instant side-effects of the process and may not take the necessary precautions.

Got your lesson on waxing services in Prahran? So, what are you waiting for? Just get the session done and enjoy!


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