Pregnancy heralds tumultuous changes in your body’s functioning. Massive hormonal changes lead to the development of gum diseases that not only harm your teeth, but also the health of the baby growing up in your womb. If you are living in Australia, you can approach a dentist in and around Taylor Lakes, Caroline Springs and Deer Park.

Here are some tips to look into when you are pregnant.

  1. Inform your dentist

The day you are sure that you are carrying, call or inform your dentist about the good news. It is definitely a great day for you, but if you are waiting for a dental implant or any other procedure then it is better to wait until the delivery. It is better not to take risks as extreme pain may be harmful to your foetus.

  1. Tell your dentist about your medications

It is best to keep your dentist in the loop, if you were undergoing some sort of dental treatment. Whatever medication you have been advised by your gynaecologist should be informed to the dentist, so that he or she can decide the right treatment for you.

  1. Ask for dental X-Rays

If you are anxious about your dental health, you may opt for dental X-rays. There is no use getting all anxious and depressed, simply thinking about your teeth’s condition. It might lead to further complications harming the foetus. You can be rest assured that the doctor will conduct a careful X-ray of your teeth and gums, as these days safe methods have come up, thanks to the advancement of technology. The X-ray specialist makes sure that your abdomen and thyroid are protected from its rays. If you approach a dentist who practices at a clinic in Taylor Lakes or Caroline Springs, he or she will ensure a careful and discreet examination of your buccal cavity.

  1. Do not stop visiting your dentist

Just because you are pregnant, does not mean that you should stop visiting the dentist. In fact, now you should be more careful about your dental health. Frequent and massive changes in the hormonal balance in your body give rise to gum diseases. If you ignore the symptoms, you may develop something called pregnancy gingivitis. However, this occurs when you are already suffering from bleeding gums or tender gums.

  1. Do not ignore good oral hygiene

Pregnancy may cause severe lethargy and allergy towards toothpaste. But, that is not reason enough to stop looking after your teeth or ignoring the procedure of dental care. You may ask your dentist to suggest you the brand of toothpaste, which tastes bland or to offer you with any other suitable alternative. Rinsing your mouth with water or with a rising solution can make things better, if you are going through frequent bouts of morning sickness. In fact, this is when you should be more careful about your health and consecutively your foetus’ health.

Take good care of your teeth to ensure a healthy baby who has good teeth and no gum disorder. For best results, visit a dentist who practices at a clinic in Taylor Lakes and watches how he or she improves your dental condition while you are pregnant.


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