Let’s just face it. Laser hair removal treatment. We’ve witnessed an excess of questions regarding whether or not it hurts? And “Does it actually work?” Now, bear in mind everyone’s experience is likely to contrast.

Face and body hair must be dealt with accordingly- it actually doesn’t matter how many times you get rid of it, it keeps coming back again and again! If you’re a fan of silky smooth, fresh feeling, then undoubtedly you’re curious about laser hair removal treatment. The hair removal technique that will truly help you get rid of your hair. Though it’s a bit expensive as against razors and at home wax strips, if you’re involved into waxing at the salon, you’re likely to save yourself huge chunk of money in the long term if you invest wisely in laser hair removal treatment.

Let’s just share certain truth as in how laser hair removal works…

  1. It’s not that expensive

Back when laser hair removal was first initiated, the treatment was actually very expensive. Getting a petite area treated costs around thousands of dollars. Now that laser hair removal treatment is pretty ordinary or common, the price can be afforded. This basically depends on where you’re going to visit- decorative cosmetic dermatology centres will be very costly. And the size of the area being treated also matters- as getting both legs treated will be far more costly than treating your underarms. Prior your first appointment, research well. As laser hair removal turns permanent after a few amount of appointments, the expense can be totally worthy if it’s within your budget.

  1. It’s only half the pain of waxing

Surely, your waxer may be world-class, still it hurts. Pleased to inform you that, while attaining laser hair removal might not be immensely enjoyable, it’s far less painful in comparison of waxing. It just hurts nearly 50%! The machine used in laser hair removal treatment, abides by its standards, a laser that make use of wavelength of light in order to identify and obliterate hair follicles. The entire process is like a tiny pin pricking your skin and if you’re super-sensitive you can request your technician to lower down the strength of the machine.

  1. It’s just a matter of 10 minutes

Yep, you heard or read it right. Laser hair removal treatments are basically get-in-get-out type of appointment. Who doesn’t adore those? Now, assume that you’re getting a petite area treated- a full leg appointment will be longer. You’re supposed to visit centre or clinic regularly, every 4-6 weeks, to persist witnessing permanent results.

  1. A laser centre is easier to find

As mentioned earlier, few years ago, it was hard to have discovered a reasonable laser hair removal centre. Now, they’re more common. Browsing Google for few minutes will mostly cultivate numerous treatment centres nearby your city.

  1. It’s more effectual for few people than others

The laser technicians will answer all your questions prior your first appointment, and one amongst those will be that laser hair removal treatment is more efficient for few people than others. If your body possess thick, dark hair coupled with light skin, you are an ideal candidate as the laser can easily identify the hair follicle. While, the advance lasers claim to work more effectively on dark skin and blonde hair also.

Pretty captivating right?

Victorian Laser and Skin Clinic can offer efficient laser hair removal treatment in Melbourne for women and men using world-class quality medical technology.


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