Aging is an unavoidable part of life that comes unbidden along with its effects. While being older is certainly a boon to have lived long, the visible signs of aging often dampen our spirits. Combating wrinkles and sagging skin becomes difficult after a certain point of time even with the best of the anti-aging creams to the rescue.

The facelift has evolved over the years as a frequently opted for the method to reduce signs of aging and combat saggy facial skin. While there are numerous methods to the procedure mentioned below are a few that have lasting effects or are safer to undergo:

Deep plane lift: Lately, the deep plane lift has become the most favored treatment am0ong people owing to its long-lasting effect. This procedure involves the lifting and repositioning of skin layers in order to tighten the skin. In the case of extreme facial sagging, deep plane lift is counted upon as the best treatment. Since this treatment treats even the deeper layers beneath the surface of the skin, the effects are said to last about 10 – 15 years and cost more than the other facelift treatments.

Cheek or Midface lift: Cheek or midface lift helps lift the middle third portion of the face. While it can also be done using the deep plane lift, the methods differ in terms of risks and downtime. Contrary to deep plane lift, a midface lift is much less risky. Doctors place the incision in the hairline and in the inner side of the mouth to tighten the skin in the cheekbones and around the nose and mouth.

Thread Lifts: Generating quite a buzz when it first started out, the thread lift was the most opted for the procedure a few years back for non-invasively lifting sagging facial skin. Considered one of the safer options that require the least bit of intrusion, you can check out non-invasive facelift threading Melbourne clinic for best options for to undergo facelifting treatment. The procedure involves the uses of bard attached to threads that lift your skin layers upwards, tightening it in turn.


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