Moles, while mostly harmless, may turn out to be a nuisance in some cases. Many also tend to take moles for granted, owing to the fact that common moles have no effect on your body whatsoever. Keeping an eye on any mole on your body can help you ascertain if it is indeed as harmful as you think.

Common moles that are not at risk are dome shaped with smooth edges, and stay the same throughout in terms of colour, shape, size. They are also around 6mm or less in diameter. By keeping these factors in mind, you can quickly pick up any changes and get it tested and removed if necessary.

The removal of a mole need not be done if the mole proves harmless. However, if you have noticed the signs mentioned below that points to it being harmful, getting it removed would be for the best. In case you wish to get treated for mole removal in Melbourne, looking for certain symptoms can give you a clue whether the mole indeed is harmful enough. While expert opinion would certainly be a better cue, one can also self-examine in order to figure out if the mole is cancerous or otherwise harmful, using the following indicators:

Difference in size or shape: If the mole appears to have increased with time or changed its shape over time, it could be a harmful tumour that needs immediate removal. Normal moles often have a smooth edge, which can be an indicator if the mole in question has irregular edges. This also holds true if there is any change in the height of the mole.

Difference in colour: Common moles do not have multiple shades. On the other hand, cancerous or harmful moles exhibit more than one shade, making it easier to identify even with self-examination. If you notice a difference in the colour or shade of the mole, getting it checked is advisable.

Other signs: Your mole could be harmful or cancerous if there is inflammation, pain, itchiness, or bleeding. Since common moles do not cause discomfort, any change or issue regarding your mole could be an indicator of it being cancerous.

Keeping a close watch on your mole can help you pick up on these signs, allowing you to get a timely treatment in case you notice any difference.


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