Medi-facials are different from the typical spa facials and they are customized to suit your specific requirements. Medi-facials could be involving the use of laser machines or a few skin rejuvenating chemical peels during the procedure. Medi-facials are mind-blowing as they are very effective in hydrating the skin and making it supple and super-soft. Your skin gets adequately moisturized and regains freshness that boosts a healthy look. Moreover, proper exfoliation using skin brightening serums would be helpful in revitalizing your skin giving it a more youthful and vibrant appearance. You could get wonderful benefits from effective medical facials Prahran.

How Are Medi-Facials Different from Usual Facials?

Medi-facials differ from normal spa facials in the sense that these are custom tailored as per your skin’s specific requirements though they follow the basic few steps of a normal spa facial such as cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and moisturizing on a much deep or intense level. Spa facials usually do not need any pre-determined conditions prior to the procedure. But with medi-facials, your aesthetician would be at first analysing your skin and then customizing your treatment as per your requirements. In this case, aestheticians would not only carry out a thorough assessment, they would be discussing your skin issues and expectations in great details so that they could customize a super-effective facial in Prahran.

Radiant & Healthy Skin

If you are aspiring for a glowing skin, you should try medi-facials. It is necessary to follow a regular skin care routine that includes medical facials and cosmetic treatments, using the best products that are most suited to your skin type and consuming a healthy diet along with drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and rest and exercising regularly. Medi-facials help in restoring and rejuvenating your skin.

Customized To Suit Your Skin Type

Your skin would be assessed thoroughly and as per your requirements and expectations, facials would be customized. Medical facials would enhance your skin tone, texture and type. Medical facials are known for working on a purely cellular level. This sort of facials is meant for all skin types and for people across different age groups.

Several Treatments Rolled Into One

Depending on your skin’s assessment and your expressed requirements, your aesthetician would be chalking out a specific skin care treatment which would be addressing your unique issues. Your aesthetician would be making a choice between extractions, chemical peels, PCA medi-facials, Osmosis organic medi-facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and even skin needling programs.

Alleviate Skin Imperfections

This sort of customized treatments would be beneficial in rectifying skin issues like acne, dry skin, rosacea, enlarged pores, and sun damaged skin and other pigmentation issues, acne breakouts and poor skin laxity.


Medi-facial has a super relaxing effect. You could relax and unwind during the process especially due to the application of the right amount of pressure to the actual pressure points.


You are aware that stress could lead to several skin issues. You must realise that good medical facial in Prahran could take care of these issues, for instance, they could get rid of breakouts and help in skin renewal. They are effective in preventing bacterial breakouts.

Medi-facials use effective serums that help in the dramatic reduction of ageing signs and restore youthfulness to your skin.


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