This is 100% true. Your food intake can safeguard or spoil your health badly. For example, an astonishing statistics brought out by organized medical studies in 2012 showed that 371 million people have been affected by Diabetes, globally.

The future-estimate is scary too. By 2030, an estimated 552 million people will be suffering from both Diabetes 1 and 2. Pity is just half of this number does not even know they have Diabetes.

If you find out the basic reason for such alarming figure of Diabetes, some 90 percent of them would have developed the disorder (yes – Diabetes is not a disease, but a disorder of your body’s metabolism process only) over a period – say around their 40th year of age, by their lifestyles and food habits.

Your food intake produces the energy to perform your daily chores. If that energy is not spent properly, or you eat more food than what your body and lifestyle require, the excess is deposited as fat-cells, inside your body and your bloodstream.

Thus the unspent energy becomes fat-sediments inside you, to cause more complications like excess glucose in the blood (Diabetes); unwanted bulks on your belly, hips and backside; obesity and overweight; and still more complications are brought forth. To quote some – coronary diseases; stroke; heart attack; premature death and so on are the indirect results of your improper eating habits.

You might have come across so much health-related advises and articles online that balanced-diet intake is key, for your holistic health. The explanation given for “balanced” would be that your food should contain all the nutrition and healthy substances, in a balanced way.

Here is another explanation for that term. The thousands of years- old Medical Science – Ayurveda – prescribes that there ought to be “six tastes” in your everyday food. They are – sweet; sour; salty; pungent; bitter and astringent.

Normally the majority chunk of the people relishes eating food items that have the three tastes every day namely – sweet; salty and sour – because their tongue-buds get satisfied. Often times, they look down upon bitter-taste for reasons obvious.

This is totally wrong. While sweet, salty and sour-tasted stuff can trouble your digestive organs and cause complications, bitterness works on the opposite side. It enables digestion to be easier and faster; acts as antioxidant to purify your blood; gives a filled-feeling and prevents you from over-eating; stimulates the liver to produce Bile – a substance that contains fat-solvable vitamins A, D, E and K.

Like physical exercises make our body stronger, bitter-taste food items challenge liver and make it stronger. The result is your digestion is smooth and whatever you eat, even harmful and complicated items, get digested inside your stomach.

You must make it a point to eat particularly bitter-tasted items every day, without fail. When saying this, don’t be afraid that you must eat bitter-gourd daily – this is a baseless fear. There are umpteen items – vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and other eatables – which can provide sufficient quantity of bitterness.

Examples are – Acorn Squash (or Pepper Squash); Almonds; Amaranth grain; Artichokes; Asparagus; Avocados; Black Pepper; and Broccoli etc. You search online for the rest. Eat them compulsorily in any form every day.

You will accept on seeing the result that Bitter Foods are Better Foods for your health!


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